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A message to our customers

First we would like to say how much we have appreciated all of our clients and your patience during these difficult times. Unfortunately, we have been faced with making the very hard decision of closing the grooming salon. In spite of our best efforts to reopen after the COVID-19 pandemic required us to close, there have been many factors which simply do not allow us to be able to open. We are heartbroken and regret this situation and hope you and all your doggys continue to stay well.

An Exclusive Dog Grooming Experience

in Cottonwood Heights

Our dog groomers are talented, our staff is professional,

and our service sets us apart.

Proudly serving the Cottonwood Heights, Sandy, Murray, Midvale, Draper, and nearby dog loving communities of Salt Lake City proper.

At SAN DOGGY, we meet a higher standard of care, quality, and customer service that cannot be found at any other grooming salon near you. Rest assured knowing your fur baby will be treated with kindness throughout the entire grooming process.  


All-Inclusive Dog Grooming

As applicable, our full service dog grooming package includes: a Warm Bath with Two Shampoos and Conditioner based on your pet's skin and coat condition with the highest quality products, Gland Expression, Ear Cleaning, Nail Trim (with a dremel so long as your dog allows), Fluff Drying, Paw Pad Trimming, Sanitary Trim, De-Shed, Brush Out, and the dog haircut of your choice.


We promote a safe, tranquil, and positive grooming experience for our San Doggys.

After all, dogs are people too!

Bath and Brush


Rejuvenating to your doggy's coat and soothing to their skin, our full service bath and brush includes 2 shampoo washes, conditioner, fluff drying, de-shed, and brushing to bring out the natural shine in your doggy's fur. Your doggy never looked so clean and smelled so fresh!

Dog Haircut


In addition to all that the bath and brush offers, our full service grooming includes the haircut of your preference whether it be the breed standard for your doggy, or a style of your own creation. Let us transform your doggy's look into fluffy art perfection! 

Special Needs


Does your doggy have special needs? We offer express service for nervous dogs, anti-Itch treatment, extra support, and more. Let us know the things that matter to you so we may tailor a service to meet your doggy's specific needs. Your doggy will thank you!

Generally we ask for up to four hours to complete your dog's grooming service, but for your pet's comfort, we may take as little or as much time as your dog needs to ensure the most positive grooming experience. Ask about express service for dog grooming in under two hours (terms apply).


Everyone at SAN DOGGY is focused on pet safety and owner satisfaction which requires regular scheduling by appointment only. We do not offer walk-in or same day grooming services at this time.


Love your doggy? We do too!

We often show our appreciation by posting your sweet doggy's pictures in our social media and texting pictures or updates directly to you.

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