SAN DOGGY Authorization and Release

Thank you for choosing SAN DOGGY! Your pet is furry important to us, so we will do our best to make your pet’s experience with our business as safe and pleasant as possible. The following outlines our general terms and policies you must understand and consent to before we provide services to your pet.

Dropping off. Prior to dropping off your pet for scheduled appointments, please allow your pet to relieve themselves at home or in the grassy area located in the front section of the parking lot. It is important for your pet to be comfortable during their visit with us, so holding it may interfere with a positive experience. When dropping your pet off or picking them up at our salon, please be sure to leash and maintain complete control over your pet at all times until one of our employees takes control of your pet. Only employees are allowed past the gates and/or doors that separate the lobby from the grooming areas. Please be mindful of other pets and persons in and around the lobby for everyone’s safety.

Picking up. We will contact you when it is time to pick up your pet. We ask that you pick up your pet no later than one hour after we notify you to do so. A fee may apply if you do not pick your pet up within one hour of our contact to you.

Cancellations. Generally, cancellations are a rare event and most often a phone call or text message from you to us is appropriate to cancel an appointment with no further action (other than rescheduling) being necessary. Please provide us with notice as soon as possible; however, in the event of multiple cancellations by you or if you must cancel/ reschedule an existing appointment that is less than 24 hours away, we may decline to reschedule your pet.

Recent Health. You must advise us of recent health issues. If your pet has had a recent surgery, medical condition, or is currently/or was recently under veterinary care, we may decline service on your pet. We do not groom pets that have had surgery within the previous 10 days unless you provide us with a letter from your pet’s veterinarian advising that your pet is cleared to be groomed. During the time your pet is at our salon, it may come into contact with other pets and/or persons. By using our service, you agree to notify us immediately about any medical or behavioral issues that may be relevant for us to know both now and in the future. Occasionally grooming can expose pre-existing or new health conditions that may be known or unknown by you. Examples of this may be ear infections, hematoma, growths, or irritated skin hidden below the fur. You agree that you will not hold SAN DOGGY, its management, or employees liable in the event your pet experiences a health issue during or after its stay. In the event a medical issue arises while your pet is in our care and you are not immediately available, you authorize us to seek veterinary treatment for your pet at your own expense. By using our service, you agree to hold harmless SAN DOGGY and its owners, employees, and agents, from any damage, loss or claims arising from any service provided by SAN DOGGY, or resulting from any act occurring at our business. Some conditions (i.e. age, health, age, behavior, matting) may exist which may preclude certain services from being completed. In the event that grooming services are not completed as expected, you understand that you may still be charged for full or partial services. Some circumstances may require special handling or other fees in addition to regular pricing. Service fees vary depending on breed, size, age, condition, temperament, service performed, and other factors. Pricing of services and products may be subject to change at our discretion.

Vaccinations. SAN DOGGY requires that each pet’s Rabies vaccine is current and strongly recommends that your dog be vaccinated against all infectious conditions. We may request proof of such vaccinations as a requirement for service.


Sedated pets. We do not sedate pets, nor do we accept pets for grooming if they are currently under sedation without prior approval from management. Some pets may have a safer grooming experience under some form of sedation due to aggression, anxiety, or for other reasons. If your pet requires sedation for grooming, we recommend you take your pet to a groomer that is located at a veterinary clinic. We reserve the right to decline service on any pet for any reason.

Safety. The safety of each pet and person who enters our business is our primary concern and we take steps to safeguard your pet. If we feel the safety of a pet and/or an employee may be at risk, a restraint or muzzle may be used as we deem appropriate. We do not prefer to muzzle pets, but in some circumstances it may be the best or only way to safely complete a service on a pet.

Social media. Remember to like us on facebook at facebook.com/SANDOGGYPetGrooming and look for your pet’s pictures there and on Instagram. We may take photos and/or video of your pet so the world can see just how cute he or she is. By using our service, you authorize us to use these images in our social media, website, and other marketing materials without any promise of payment from SAN DOGGY explicitly or implied.

Privacy Policy. To best serve our clients we may obtain information such as phone, address, and email from you. This information will only be used as necessary in the regular course of our business and will not be sold to third parties.


  • Aggressive pets. You must notify us if your pet has EVER bitten another pet or person, or is inclined to show aggression. If we cannot ensure the safety of pets and persons in our salon, we may decline/stop service.

  • Pick up. Please pick up your pet within 1 hour from the time we notify you that your pet is ready for pick up. Failure to pick up your pet within a reasonable time may preclude future services at our business.

  • Matted dogs. We may charge $1.00 per minute for de-matting if your pet has knots, tangles, or compacted fur that does not brush clear enough for us to safely cut your pet’s fur AND you ask to keep the fur longer than ¼”.

  • Double Coated Pets (i.e. Husky, Golden Retriever, Australian Shepherd, etc.). If you ask us to shave your double coated pet, be advised that the fur may grow back patchy or abnormally. This condition is known as Shave Shock and may cause permanent damage to the coat.

  • Doodles. If your doodle has not been groomed in the previous 4 weeks, we may require your pet be shaved as short as the groomer deems appropriate as a condition of our service.


Use of our Website. We hope you enjoy browsing our website and other content online. Our website and other communications are for informational purposes and all content may be subject to change as we deem appropriate. All images, text, and design(s) contained in this website, our social media, marketing, signage, and communications are all copyright protected by SDPG LLC dba SAN DOGGY. You may not reproduce or use our content without our expressed written consent.

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